Metro’s Thursday PM Commute: Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel buses may not run on surface streets from 5:30 PM-6:15 PM and 2nd Av buses will run on 3rd Av when blocked by the planned rally today; plus more

Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel buses may operate via surface streets during part of Thursday evening’s commute

For a short period during this evening’s commute, downtown Seattle tunnel buses may temporarily operate via their surface street routing and stops, and will not serve the DSTT, due to a planned rally in the downtown area.

The expected time frame for surface street operation is from approximately 5:30 to 6:15 PM, however start and end times are subject to change, based on unpredictable aspects of the event.  It is also possible for the planned routing to be temporarily revised. Every effort will be made to restore regular routing as soon as possible.

Link light rail will continue to operate in the tunnel as usual.

When buses do not operate in the tunnel, the bus stops on Ninth Avenue at Pine  St near Convention Place Station, are not served by tunnel buses.  Riders are encouraged to check posted information or Metro’s website for specific bus stop information.

Please watch for information at tunnel station entrances.

Information about surface street routing and stops for tunnel buses is posted at tunnel station entrances and on Metro’s website.

Expect possible delays in bus service during this event.

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