Metro’s Thursday PM Commute – There are reroutes and delays in transit service in downtown Seattle due to street blockages

Route 12 
Route 12 is rerouted and not travelling west of 2nd Av.|

Use the stops on Madison St or Marion St east of 2nd Av.

Route 99
Route 99 is currently rerouted off of 1 Av in both directions, due to an earlier blockage near Madison St.

Heading toward Belltown, this route will be routed via Cherry St, 3 Av and Union St then to its regular route.Use the stops north of Union St or south of Cherry St until further notice.

Heading toward the International District, this route will be routed via Spring St, 3rd Av and Columbia St then to its regular route. Use the stops north of Spring St or south of Columbia St until further notice.

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Please note the information below about service advisories and alerts due to known events and construction in Metro’s service area.

Event Reroutes –

The Tenacious Ten Run

All in for Autism

  • Sun, 4/23, 7:00-11:00 AM;
  • Metro routes 240, 241 and 249,  and Sound Transit Route 550, will be rerouted.

Long-term Construction Reroutes

S 2nd St is closed at Main St in Renton

  • Monday, 4/3-Saturday, 7/1 – at all times;
  • Metro routes 101, 107, 148 and 153 are rerouted.

120th Av NE is closed between Totem Lake Blvd & NE 128th St

  • Through Sunday, 12/31 – at all times;
  • Metro routes 235, 236, 238 and 277 are rerouted.

Main St is closed in downtown Bothell

  • Through Sunday, 12/31 –at all times;
  • Metro routes 243, 312, 342, 372 and
    Sound Transit Route ST 522 are rerouted.

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