Metro’s Wednesday AM commute begins quietly, upcoming events that may impact service, plus Rts 101, 106 & 150 paper timetable corrections

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Metro’s Wednesday morning commute begins quietly with no significant delays or disruptions in transit service to report.

Please note the information below about other service impacts
in Metro’s service area.

Routes 101, 106 and 150 riders:

Due to an error, the customer paper timetables for your routes are incorrect for Saturday and Sunday service.  Weekday timetable information is accurate.

We apologize and are taking immediate steps to correct this error.  The Metro Online timetables are your best source for up to date schedule information.  You can also get accurate schedule information online from the Regional Trip Planner or by contacting Metro’s Customer Information Office at 206-553-3000.  Schedule information at the bus stops will be corrected this week.  Revised paper timetables for your routes are being re-printed and should be available by the end of next week.  If you would like to printout online timetable information, please try Metro’s Printable Custom Timetables

We will be here until 9:00 AM to help keep an
Eye on Your Metro Commute.

Travel safely and have a great morning.

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