Metro’s Thursday evening commute wrap up; plus Seafair Torchlight 8K Run & Parade and other upcoming events that may impact service

At 7:00 PM, Metro’s Thursday evening commute is winding down with no major delays or disruptions in service to report.

Please note the information below about upcoming events in Metro’s service area.

Magnolia Summer Festival and Seafair Parade

  • Thursday, July 28, 3:30 PM through Saturday, July 30, 7:30 PM
  • Routes 24 & 31 will be rerouted due to this event.

Mariners game, Friday, July 29, 7:10 PM at Safeco Field
Traffic in the SODO, Stadium, Pioneer Square & downtown Seattle areas may be congested on game days.  Ride transit to the game.

Seafair Torchlight Parade Pine Street Grandstand Placement

Seafair Torchlight 8K Run and Parade

On Saturday, July 30, from approximately 3:00 PM until the parade clears the area, bus routes in the Seattle Center area will be rerouted off 5thAv N due to Torchlight Parade staging.  

During the Seafair Torchlight 5K and 8K run events starting at about 5:30 PM prior to the parade, the northbound Alaskan Way Viaduct will be closed until the runners have cleared that area. Northbound Viaduct buses will operate via I-5 during this time. The southbound Viaduct will remain open. 

From about 6:30 PM until the parade ends at about 10:45 PM,the entire length of 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle will be closed. Nearly all east/west streets will also be blocked at 4th Av.  

While streets are closed for these events, many buses will be rerouted and there could be schedule delays. Delays in one area can cause delays at other points along a bus’s routing. 

Ride Transit to Torchlite

While most buses that operate on surface streets in the downtown Seattle and Seattle Center areas will be rerouted, riding transit is still the best way to get to these events, as traffic will be very congested and parking downtown will be very limited. Rerouted buses still go to within 1-2 blocks of the parade route.  

In most cases, buses are expected to return to normal downtown routes and stops for 11:00 PM departing service from downtown, however, riders should check specific route information for possible minor exceptions. 

Visit the Metro Online Alerts page to find out how your bus will be rerouted and what stops it will serve during this event. Use regularly published transit schedules on Saturday, but expect possible delays due to expected heavy traffic conditions. 

For complete information about Transit service or to plan your trip to or from the Torchlight Parade or any other event, visit Metro Online or Metro’s online Trip Planner

For complete information about Seafair and Torchlight events, visit the Seafair website

Evergreen Point Bridge Park-and-Ride on State Route 520 was moved to a new temporary location.

As of Monday, July 25, Metro Transit’s Evergreen Point Bridge
Park-and-Ride on State Route 520 was moved to a new temporary
location and the number of parking spaces has been  reduced.

This location will be used for about two years to allow for construction
of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) Eastside
Transit and HOV Project.

The new temporary lot is located just north of the original P&R on the north 
side of SR-520 at Evergreen Point Road and NE 32nd Street in Medina.

Capacity at the temporary lot is reduced from 50 to 19 stalls due to limited
space and to avoid cutting down six mature trees. When the new park-and-ride
opens in 2013, the 50 stall capacity will be restored.

Mount Baker Station elevators to and from the southbound platform are out of service.

The elevators to and from the Mount Baker Station southbound platform are out of service until further notice.

Until repairs are made, southbound passengers who require the use of the elevator and want to board at Mount Baker should ride instead north to Beacon Hill and transfer to a southbound train.

Passengers who want to exit at Mount Baker should ride to Columbia City and transfer to a northbound train.

Thank you for joining us. We will return at 6:00 AM Friday morning to help keep an Eye on Your Metro Commute.

Travel safely and have a great evening.

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