Metro’s Thursday PM Commute Begins Quietly, Plus Reduced Weekday & When No UW Operation Dec 24-31

At 3:00 PM, Metro’s Thursday afternoon commute begins quietly with no significant delays or disruptions in transit service to report. 

All routes impacted by icy road conditions have returned to normal operation.

In observance of the winter holidays, Metro operates its reduced weekday and “when no UW” schedules from Dec 24-31.

During this time some entire routes are canceled and designated trips on other routes are canceled.

Canceled routes are designated in the service notes in timetables and on
Metro’s online holiday information page.

Individual reduced weekday trips that are canceled are marked with an “H” in timetables.

Individual ‘when no UW’ trips that are canceled are marked with a “D” in

Regular fares apply on all weekdays.

Effective January 1, there will be several fares changes for Metro riders.  For more information about these changes, visit

We are here until 7:00 PM to help keep an Eye on Your Metro Commute.

Thank you for riding and for using Metro’s services.

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