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Metro’s Wednesday PM Commute Wrap-Up

At 7:00 p.m. – Metro’s Wednesday evening commute is winding down. The earlier collision on I-5 north bound at the Snohomish county line has started to clear. There are many vehicle collisions on the roads this evening throughout the county, causing mild delays to Metro service. 

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Metro Operates Reduced Weekday Schedule on Veterans’ Day, Thursday, Nov 11

Transit riders are reminded that Metro operates its reduced weekday schedule on Veterans Day, Thursday, Nov 11.  Most Metro and King County
offices are closed on Thursday.

Some Metro bus routes are completely canceled on Thursday, and others have individual trips canceled.  Canceled trips are marked in timetables with an “H”.

Additionally, due to unforeseen data inconsistencies, Metro’s online trip planner is omitting some of the reduced schedule information.  Trip Planner users are advised to verify itinerary schedules with paper or online timetables and adjust trip plans as necessary.

Eye On Your Metro Commute returns at 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

Update -Traffic Conditions in North End of County

At 4:52 p.m. – There is a collision involving several vehicles on the Snohomish County line north bound on I-5. The 3 right lanes are blocked. We are not observing significant impact to Metro service in that area at this time. Backs ups are starting to get quite long. Delays are possible.

Metro’s Wednesday PM Commute Quietly Underway

At 3:00 p.m. – Metro’s Wednesday afternoon commute is quietly underway with no significant delays or disruptions in transit service to report.

We are here until 7:00 p.m. to monitor and report significant delays in transit service.

Thank you for riding Metro buses and trolleys. Have a safe afternoon.

Metro’s Wednesday AM Commute Is Winding Down.

At 9:00 AM – Metro’s Wednesday morning commute is winding down
with no significant delays to report.
Travel safely and have a great day.

The Accident On Nouthbound I-5 Near Albro Pl Has Cleared.

At 8:50 AM – The accident on northbound I-5 near Albro Pl has cleared.
Travel safely and have a great day.

The Accident On Southbound I-5 Near NE 117 ST Has Cleared.

At 8:48 AM – The accident on southbound I-5 near NE 117 St
has cleared.

Travel safely and have a great day.

An Accident Has Occurred On Southbound I-5 Near NE 117 ST.

At 7:50 AM – An accident has occurred on southbound I-5 near
NE 117 St. Traffic is slow but getting by the incident.
Travel safely and have a great day.