Monthly Archives: January 2010

Revisions To Local and Regional Fares and Transfer Policies

With the New Year there are revisions to Metro’s and
other regional agencies’ fares and trasnfer policies

Most notably:
– There is a 25-cent increase in Metro
   adult & senior/disabled fares;
– Metro paper transfers are now only issued 
   and accepted on other Metro routes, and not 
   on any other agencies’ service, and
ORCA replaces PugetPasses.

Valid unexpired FlexPasses, UPasses, Regional
Reduced Fare Permits and other fare media
continue to be accepted by all agencies as
usual until they expire or are otherwise
replaced by ORCA cards and products.

Sound Transit no longer accepts paper transfers
from other agencies; a 2-hour electronic transfer
credit is available when using fare media loaded
onto an ORCA card.

Customers who pay a cash fare on multi-agency
or multi-modal trips must pay the full fare separately
for each leg of the trip; there are no interagency or
inter-modal paper transfers with cash fares.   For
riders who normally transfer between buses and
trains or between agencies, it pays to use an ORCA
card loaded with an appropriately-valued fare

Complete information about these revisions is
available on Metro Online and on the websites
of other transit agencies in the region