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Sign Up For Metro Transit Alerts

Metro encourages all Transit customers 
to sign up for general and route specific
transit service Alerts

Metro Links to ST Central Link light rail To & From Sea Tac Airport

ST Central Link trains operate between the
Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel (DSTT) and
Sea Tac Int’l Airport

Most Metro bus service in the Rainier Valley
provides connections to Link stations.

Safety around trains cannot be
stressed enough. 

Link trains are quiet and may operate on any track in
any direction at any time.

Please use caution and observe all safety precautions
and signals, as well as announced and posted
information at all times.

Cross link tracks only when it is safe to do
so at designated crossing points only. Never
stop, stand on or walk along the tracks.

Never stand on or cross the roadway in
the Tunnel.  Always use the Mezzanine or
street level of any Tunnel station to get
to the opposite platform.

Welcome to ‘Eye on Your Metro Commute’

‘Eye on Your Metro Commute’ is a service
provided by King County Metro Transit.

On weekdays during the peak commuting
hours of 6:00 to 9:00 AM and 3:00 to
7:00 PM, experienced Metro staff monitor
Metro’s service area and report on conditions
or activities that may significantly impact
transit service.

Those reports are posted here.

At this time reports are ususally of a general

Metro will evaluate this service and consider
recommendations for future revisions and

You can subscribe to an RSS feed of this
service for delivery of messages to your
mobile or other device. Use the link in the
sidebar to the right.

Thanks for riding and for using Metro’s